Frequently Asked Questions        Last update: 12-jan-19

What is ATLOP?                                                               

ATLOP is a company providing e-commerce platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is operated by AFNAM INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. We enable local business to go online by providing an e-commerce suite readily available irrespective of its size and domain.

What Services are provided by ATLOP?                                                          

The services provided by ATLOP include, but are not limited to, provision of platform & resources to create, support and manage your online business or e-Store. The services include the following features;

  • Using ATLOP services you can create an independent eStore and link (yourbusiness.com) for your business to suit your needs.
  • You can design, show & maintain your identity via your e-Store without having any technical knowledge or expertise
  • You can utilize multiple shipping companies without any hassle as a trader/merchant/partner
  • You can utilize our inventory management tool to manage and track your inventory and maintain your supply chain.
  • You can avail our customer request follow up tool to manage all customer requests
  • The list of customers visiting or buying from your eStore will be readily available for you to facilitate your future communications
  • Your eStore customers will be able to avail multiple payment options like cash on delivery, bank transfer, Visa or Master Credit/Debit Cards etc.
  • Your eStore’s essential & crucial statistics like sales performance etc. will be at you finger tips.
  • You can use ATLOP messaging services to send SMS to your customers in order to keep them posted about their order status.
  • ATLOP’s 24 hours technical support will be an added feature to develop & support your eStore business.

In addition to the above stated features, ATLOP services include many other feature as per your subscribed package/tariff. You can review our Packages & Services here.

Does ATLOP serve Traders/Merchants/Partners in KSA only or in other countries too?             

Currently, we are operating in KSA only. We may expand & start our services in other countries later.

I need  to open an eStore, How can I register for ATLOP Services?                                                 

There are two methods given below which you can choose from as per your preference & convenience.

  • Download ATLOP APP for Iphone or Android and register for our services following very quick & easy steps explained here
  • You can register through our website here following the steps explained here.

If I face any issues while registering for ATLOP Services, what should I do?                             

In case you need any help while registering for ATLOP services you can call our help agent at 123, you can also chat with us using this link or you can write to us at help@ATLOP.com.

What are the registration requirements?                                          

The registration requirements are as follow:

  1. At the time of account creation your age must be 18+ years
  2. You need to provide us your personal information which includes your

2.1.    Full legal name

2.2.    Your current/permanent address

2.3.    Your contact numbers (Mobile & Fixed line)

2.4.    Your valid email address and any other information as mentioned in account opening form.

The detailed information about your account terms and requirements are given under Terms & Conditions.

How do I activate my account?                                                

Once you create an account with ATLOP after fulfilling all registration requirements, the instructions to activate your account will be sent to your registered email ID once you have submitted the registration form. If you do not receive this email, your email service provider’s mailing software may be blocking it. You can try checking your junk / spam folder or contact us at ATLOP@Atlop.com .

What are the service charges of ATLOP?                             

We are currently offering three packages AAA, BBB, CCC with corresponding service fees as 111, 222, 333 respectively. However, you may have a detailed information pertaining to our service fees here against package of your choice. We also recommend you to see the service fee section in Terms & Conditions.

Will the service charges remain the same throughout my Contract Term?                   

ATLOP may, at its discretion, change the service charges at any point of time and will notify you in prior to such change.

What payment options i can use to pay for ATLOP services?    

ATLOP gives you multiple options to pay for its services. You can use Bank Transfer, SADAD or Payment via VISA/Master Credit or Debit Cards.

Can I choose my eStore name myself?      

Yes, you can but it should not be already in use by some other trader/merchant/partner and should not violate the trademark/brand policies of KSA.

Does ATLOP create a special application for an eStore?

No, ATLOP creates an eStore for Trader/Merchant/Partner by location and a special link and lets him manage this store using ATLOP services.

How customers can buy from my store?                 

When you create an account in ATLOP, your eStore will be automatically created and linked to your account. In order for your customers to reach your store and purchase, you need to publish, advertise & communicate the store link to them. You may publish in your social networking accounts or in your store publications or whatever method of marketing suits you. Once your customers find your online store, they will follow the buying process explained here.

Do my customers need to download ATLOP app to shop from my store?                     

No. Customers do not have to download the ATLOP app or need to go to ATLOP website. They can simply buy from your store by visiting your eStore link.

What are the shipping charges and who will pay those?             

Shipping charges vary from one Delivery Company to another and also depend upon customer location and shipment size. The shipping charges shall be borne by the customer and not by the merchant. Those shall be explained to him during the purchase process. You can see the cost per delivery company within the app >here>here or on website LINK. You may opt for different promos for delivery charges discounts.

Which Shipping companies are registered with ATLOP?                          

ATLOP is linked to the services of a number of specialized shipping companies that will connect your store requests to your customers. These include: XXX- YYY - ZZZ .

What are the payment options I can give on my eStore to my customers?                   

You can provide your customers the following payment methods:

  • Visa/Master Credit/Debit Card. (In case you are commercially registered)
  • Bank Transfer (In case you are commercially registered)
  • Payment on  Delivery

How can I activate SADAD and VISA/Master Card payment option on my eStore?                 

To activate SADAD and VISA/Master Card payment options, you must have a commercial registration and a bank account in the name of your store or company and need to activate it. You may contact the ATLOP technical support team for further details.

Can I change the store link to a private domain name without ATLOP?                         

Yes, you just need to have a reserved and private domain to be replaced by the primary link.

Is it necessary to have a commercial registration to register in ATLOP and benefit from its services?                 

No, there is no need to have a commercial registration for the store unless you wish to link your eStore to the payment gateway.

Will ATLOP have any control or rules on prices of my products ?                       

No. ATLOP has no control or rules for setting prices of your products. You solely control the prices.

What is the minimum price of products I can upload on my eStore?                 

There is no such limitation. However, you can read our pricing & commission details here

What is the minimum price of products I can upload on my eStore?                 

There is no such limitation. However, you can read our pricing & commission details here

How many customers will visit or buy from my eStore?                            

ATLOP does not take any responsibility of attracting customers on your eStore. It totally depends on how well you advertise your store link to your prospective customers.

Is my or my customers’ information safe with ATLOP Services?                         

Your & your customers’ confidentiality & privacy concerns are of utmost importance to ATLOP. Please review our privacy policy for details.




Frequently Asked Questions        Last update: 12-jan-19

(End customers)

How can I shop on any eStore on ATLOP?                                                                    

Please follow the step-by-step shopping instructions provided below.

  1. When you have found your product on the eStore that you would like to buy, please click on the button "Add to cart". It will add your Product to a virtual "shopping cart/basket".
  2. To modify what’s in your virtual shopping cart/basket at any time, click on the button "Edit Cart".
  3. To remove a Product from your virtual shopping cart/basket, click on the button "remove" by the product.
  4. To add more Products to your virtual shopping cart/basket, click on the link "Continue Shopping".
  5. Once you have all your required products in your shopping cart/basket, you need to provide your shipping address and pay for your shopping.
  6. To pay for the Products in your virtual shopping cart at any time, click the button “Check Out".
  7. When you click the "Check Out" button, you will be asked to provide payment information necessary to process your order and deliver the Product(s) to you. You can provide this information by filling in the fields requested on the screen.

All highlighted fields must be completed. We respect your right to privacy and will only use any information you provide to us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

To shop with greater ease with the eStores online, register one-time to save your details so that you will not have to re-enter your personal information again on your next session.

How do I know if an item is in stock?                                                                

All items are in stock unless "Out of stock" is indicated against any of the product.  On receipt of your order if any items become unavailable, we will inform you by Call/Email and we will offer you a refund or alternate option.

How do I know that my order has been successfully submitted?                                                     

You will receive an SMS/email acknowledgement containing the order reference number and details of your purchase. Your order will be only dispatched upon receipt of payment.

How can I pay for my order?                                                                   

All eStores offer different options to pay for your purchases. It can be all or some of the below options. However, it will be mentioned against your order whenever, you opt to checkout and pay.

  • Cash on delivery
  • Payment via VISA/Master Credit/Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfers

All payments are charged in Saudi Riyals

Is it safe to give you my credit/debit card information on eStore?                                                 

Yes it is safe to use your credit/debit card on our eStores. To ensure a safe payment procedure, our website uses Secure Trading for a reliable and secure internet payment gateway.

Can I change my Shipping Address?                                                    

Yes you can but before checking out & payment. In case you are already registered with eStore, by default, the last used shipping address will be saved into to your account. When you are checking out your order, the default shipping address will be displayed and you have the option to amend it if you need to.

How can I track my Order?                                           

You can track your order by logging in to your account. The status of all your active orders will be displayed there segregated by Order number.

How can I cancel my Order before payment?                                                 

While you are viewing your shopping cart/basket, you may either opt for checkout by making payment or you can cancel your order. Refunds are not provided once payment is verified.

What is the order cancellation policy after payment?                                                           

Answer required

What is the Return policy?                                                         

Answer required

How much time will be required for delivery of my order?                                                                

Each product will have different delivery time depending upon your address and availability. You will be notified for the same while checking out of your shopping cart/basket.

What happens if I receive damaged product or my shipment is lost?                                            

We take such matters very seriously and will look into individual cases thoroughly. In case it happens to your order, immediately inform us at ATLOP@ATLOP.com.

Is there a minimum value for the order to be delivered?                                                      

No. There is no minimum value of an order. However, the delivery charges will remain as specified i.e. there will be no discount if the order is of low value.

What are your terms & conditions?                                                      

You may read our terms & conditions here.

Is my personal information safe with you while using eStore?                                           

Your confidentiality & privacy concerns are of utmost importance to ATLOP. Please review our privacy policy for details.




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