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Last update: 18-Jan-2019


Welcome to ATLOP also hereby known as “we” or “us” in the subsequent part of this manuscript “Selling Policies”. We enable local business to go online by providing an e-commerce suite readily available irrespective of its size and domain. The services provided by us include, but are not limited to, provision of platform & resources to create, support and manage your online business or e-Store. When you as Trader/Merchant/Partner use ATLOP services for your e-Store to sell your products, you must adhere & follow certain policies. These policies will provide basis to the rules to follow while conducting any business on ATLOP platform and are in accordance with our Terms & Conditions. Your ATLOP account will be suspended or cancelled without any prior notice in case you or any of your company employee/associate is found breaching the Terms & Conditions, not following the selling rules & policies explained herein and listing any products or services which are prohibited in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The following part of this document comprises of the Key Terms & Rules which apply to our Traders/Merchants/Partners and they are expected to adhere to the following policies when enlisting products on their e-Stores using ATLOP. You must also read & agree to the Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy.

Trader/Merchant/PartnerCode of Conduct

We, at ATLOP, strive to ensure a rational and reliable buyer and seller experience and in order to ensure this we expect you to adhere to the code of conduct principles outlined below and any violation may result in losing your selling rights and subsequent account /suspension/termination.

  • Read and abide by the Terms & Conditions of ATLOP services and follow the applicable selling laws of KSA
  • Always present yourself truthfully by maintaining your account information correctly with ATLOP
  • Act professionally with your customers to make your business successful
  • Never be involved in any false, unsuitable or offensive conduct which includes but not limited to:
    • Information provided on your ATLOP account
    • Information provided in product listings, contents or images
    • Communication between you and ATLOP or you and your customers
  • Never be involved in unfair & indecent activities like intentionally damaging the repute of other Trader/Merchant/Partner, manipulating customer reviews and search results.

ATLOP’s intellectual Property rights policy

We, at ATLOP, strictly adhere to Intellectual Property Rights policies which are applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and any violation to Intellectual Property Rights are taken very seriously. You, as Trader/Merchant/Partner, while using ATLOP service must also adhere to the Intellectual Property Rights policies and are not supposed to upload or enlist any products which violate or may violate the intellectual property rights of others . You are solely responsible for the material you upload, we, at any point of time without providing any prior notification, are bound and committed to remove listing and selling of products or contents that intrude someone else’s Intellectual Property Rights.

Prohibited seller activities and actions

For the person signing up with us as Trader/Merchant/Partner, the following activities and actions are strictly prohibited and any violation may result in cancellation/termination of contract.

  • Using unauthorized and improper business name – Your company name is your identity on ATLOP and it must accurately identify you. It should not be misleading and a name which you do not have the right to use
  • Diverting Customers or Transactions to other Channels/e-Stores – You should not divert buyers on ATLOP hosted e-Stores to other channels or e-Stores and not to attempt to bypass the established ATLOP’s sales process by advertisements, messages or calls enticing buyers to leave ATLOP site. This also includes but not limited to the use of emails, hyperlinks, URLs, or web addresses within any confirmation messages.
  • Sending unsolicited emails – You are not allowed to send buyers unsolicited emails until & unless they subscribe for any communication from your side
  • Unauthorized Use of buyers contact information – You, under any circumstances, are not allowed to use buyers contact information for any other purpose other than order delivery. See our Privacy Policy for details.
  • Maintaining Multiple Accounts – You cannot have & maintain multiple accounts for the same e-Store.
  • Manipulating Search, Browse and Sales Rank – Any attempt to manipulate the Search, Browsing experience and sales rank on ATLOP hosted e-Stores is prohibited.
  • Selling Fake & Refurbished item – You are not allowed to sell any Fake or Refurbished item on your e-Store as buyers’ trust is of utmost importance to us. Any attempt to gain undue financial gain from buyers by deceiving or forging or counterfeiting is a crime and is strictly prohibited.
  • Misleading Product information or Advertisements – You are not allowed to be involved in misleading product information or advertisements as it will be termed as unfair selling practices, which also involve damages.

Selling Practices

You, as Trader/Merchant/Partner, want to prosper and flourish your business via e-Store and ATLOP provides you the platform to achieve this goal. However, it largely depends upon setting the end customer’s expectations and meeting & exceeding them by ensuring a smooth transaction on your e-Store. You should make every effort to provide excellent customer experience from start to end of the transaction. Some of the practices you must follow to provide accurate and consistent details about your items and to be clear and specific about the terms and conditions include:

  • Providing correct product description
  • Correct, appropriate and reasonable pricing and shipping charges
  • Providing correct information on handling time & return policy
  • Ensuring accurate delivery as requested and within committed time
  • Keeping information on e-Store updated and ensure frequent updates
  • Responding to customer questions & queries
  • Updating correct & latest order tracking information
  • Explaining the reason/details in case your shipping/handling charges are more than the average
  • Providing excellent customer services

Cancellation of orders

You, as Trader/Merchant/Partner, will not, under any circumstances, delay a confirmed order from a customer or cancellation of order. It may cause disputes and subsequent damages to all the parties involved. In case a confirmed order is cancelled, it may involve a penalty by ATLOP.

Your product & content and safety

You, as Trader/Merchant/Partner, will be solely responsible for all the content like texts, descriptions, documents or any other content or information uploaded on your e-Store using ATLOP service and any information entered or transmitted by you while using our service. On the other hand Product Safety is of utmost importance for us and you will be held responsible in case any product enlisted on your e-Store harm or threaten to harm any customer or individual or company or any other entity. You can read the details in our Terms & Conditions section.


You, as Trader/Merchant/Partner, will be solely responsible for all your selling activities via e-Store and in event of any dispute or legal proceedings against you or your company, you will release & indemnify ATLOP, its employees/directors/managers/agents etc. from and against any losses, claims, damages, penalties, interest and legal expenses (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of any claim, action, audit, investigation, inquiry or other proceedings conducted by a third party, entity or a government agency.


You, as Trader/Merchant/Partner, are advised to read our Selling Policies stated above, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy These manuscripts provide you the guiding principles to use ATLOP services. In case of any breaches to our Terms & Conditions or Selling Policies or Privacy Policy, ATLOP can, at any point of time without any prior notice, terminate your account or can hold your all payments or can impose financial penalty or can impose all these actions depending on the nature of breach or claim. You may also be asked by us to compensate customer for his loss or provide measures to resolve the issue & settle the claim.

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